Tournament Info

The Senior Amateur Tour

Terms and Conditions

Rules and regulations


Individual Stableford.  Full allowance of COURSE handicap, to be played over 18 holes of every Course. Maximum course handicap 28 for men

Divisions and Order of Merit

The Senior Amateur Tour will be segregated into three handicap divisions. The handicap categories for each division will be announced prior to Fixture one. The likely divisions are as below:

    Handicap INDEX
Division A << – 8.0
Division B 8.1 – 16.0
Division C 16.1 – >>

We will announce the Handicap INDEX for the Season, in the Newsletter before the first Event.

Each competitor will play off their current course handicap at each fixture, however please note the important exceptions below:

Competitors will not be able to move divisions (respective Order of Merits) during the series of events.

Each player will be designated their applicable Handicap Division based on their handicap for the FIRST event they enter. For example, if Competitor A has a handicap index of 7.2 for his first event (and for example the HCP INDEX for Division A is between 0 and 8.0) then he will remain in Division A for the duration of the TOUR.

IMPORTANT – Once a player is allocated a handicap division they will not be allowed to play off a handicap index higher than the fixed upper boundary for that division.

For example a player who starts the season and plays fixture one off a 7.2 index is in Division A. If for fixture 3 his handicap has moved up to 9.0 he will only be allowed to play off a maximum of 8.0.

Also please note if a player starts the year with a handicap of 10.2 (Division B), they will REMAIN in Division B, however if their handicap index drops to 8.0 during the season they will always play off the LOWER HANDICAP


Please assist us with the speed of play and pick up your ball if you’re unable to score any stableford points on a hole. Your co-operation on this and with our course marshals is much appreciated.


Order of merit will be calculated from the 5 best scores on the first 10 qualifying events.


The course set up will include a mixture of Gents medal tees and some forward tees.

For example at Emirates GC – Blue and White.


Top 3 players in each division.

On each event: Nearest to the Pin and Longest Drive sponsored by Collars & Cuffs.

The Grand Final will consist of the top 30 players from each order of merit.


The presentation of prizes will take place in the club house / club terrace following play!